I recently published a blog about the power of a social CEO and the positive effects they can have throughout the company.   

But it's not just the CEO that can drive a difference, other thought leaders within the business play an important role in the social journey.   As with the CEO, having a social business with thought leaders across the company active on social media, drives a number of benefits to the brand.  Those individuals also see great benefits to their own personal branding.

Thought leaders ambitions may vary as to how far they wish to grow their personal brand but if you're looking to go all the way, this article shares tips on how to be 'ultra-successful'.

Whilst reading these tips,  I did find the point below particularly interesting about sharing valuable content for free.   It's not just applicable for thought leaders, it's relevant for business. 

Although it may not feel natural in business to 'give away' valuable resources, in a world where nearly 60% of a buyer's journey may be complete before they reach out, I would say that it's now a necessity to share free, and most importantly, useful content.