At Tribal we have a social media maturity quiz that our founder Sarah Goodall, recently demonstrated on this video.

The purpose of it is to identify where employees are on their own social media journey and of course, what support they might need to further this

What is interesting however, that all too often we see traditional Sales teams sat firmly in the 'huge network but no activity box'.  Driven quite rightly by numbers, their connections are no exception and whilst they may have large networks, more often than not, they have no relationship.

With the change in today's buyers journey, this just isn't going to work any more and Sales teams need to rethink their strategy on how to build and manage relationships with their customers.

A good point made in this article is that selling might actually be more about connecting than selling... and certainly when I think of my own experiences along the buying journey, this rings true; after all who doesn't prefer to buy from people they connect with?