It's more than likely that you've either heard of 'inbound marketing', are actively implementing it or know that you need do this to stay competitive in our digital age today. In fact, a huge 67% of customers now say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Inbound marketing is all about creating awareness and demand for your brand through providing valuable content across a wide number of of sources (blogs, website, social media, case studies, e-Books, etc). This approach is key today as the customer has completed 70% of the buyer journey before even speaking to a company. 

How about this for building a convincing case for driving an inbound marketing approach? 9/10 B2B buyers say that "online content has a moderate to major impact on their purchasing decision".

There is so much information available online that we can now obtain everything we need to know about products and services without having to pick up the phone. 

So a key objective for businesses today is to ensure they meet their customer where they are; in other words, sell how they are buying! For example:

1) Which social media channels do they use?

2) Which content do they most like to access/ download?

3) Which are the key issues which they discuss online which your products/ services could resolve?

Whilst inbound marketing is all about 'pulling' people towards your business through valuable content rather than pushing out corporate messages (old outbound style!), we still have to focus on actively growing the audience and ensuring the maximum number of eyes on our content.

This post by Entrepreneur discusses how the old cliche 'it's quality not quantity which counts' has to be turned on its head. The post states "Audience growth is essential in any digital business in 2018, because having a larger number of potential clients looking at your content will massively increase your revenue potential".

Read the full post to learn five key ways to grow your digital business and increase your audience through an inbound marketing approach. 

Perhaps quality AND quantity is what we should be aiming for with our marketing efforts?