I read this post this evening about sales and marketing and how the two should get back in their own boxes and focus on doing what they do well.

I quite enjoyed the example John Barrows gave below showing how marketing and sales would deliver the same message differently.  

Basically, sales is more customised and direct.  A 1-2-1 approach.  Marketing is more generic.  A us-to-many approach.

However, I would challenge this.  I have always believed that the line is blurring between sales and marketing.  Whilst I understand the example below I do wonder just how AI will impact this in the future.

Marketing is heading towards highly personalised experiences based on previous actions taken, pages visited, downloads, events attended, connections made, phone calls received.  You name it, AI will probably record it.

There's some really sophisticated technology out there which will transform the experience - both for customer and for sales & marketing.  

It will never replace the face-to-face interaction that happens between supplier and customer however, do we need dedicated sales and marketing roles/teams for that to be initiated?  Or do we need sales skills within a team of relationship managers?