We all have been sold to when we are not ready. It makes you delete the email, put the phone down or walk away. It makes you reluctant to investing in that product or service. 

Your ‘sales funnel’ or buyer journey represents the journey a prospect takes from brand awareness to making a purchase. 

Sharing problem solving content targeted to your ideal clients problems and desired outcomes throughout the buyer journey, you support your prospect to make a purchase instead of pushing the sale.

Let’s start at the top of the sales funnel.

Attractive content such as, blog posts helps generate traffic online and builds your list of TOFU (Top-Of-Funnel) prospects.  

When they sign up to your mailing list to learn more, marketing automation can then move these prospects efficiently through 3 stages of the buying process, from Awareness (Top-of-Funnel) to Consideration (Middle-Of-Funnel) to Decision (Bottom-Of-Funnel), warming up and qualifying these leads to “ready to buy” and finally, 'the sale'.

Nurturing prospects (moving leads through the sales funnel) can be evaluated and measured by ‘lead scoring’.

'Lead scoring' is the process in which you analyse your contact’s engagement with your content to ensure that you're not inviting them to purchase too soon and sharing helpful resources, invites to educational webinars, free trial offers and free strategy calls.