Champions in every part of your business are essential!

Often new programmes or initiatives will be launched without someone at the heart of it, i.e. a Champion. This is a vital role no matter the area in which they are championing. 

For instance, it's important to have someone in the company who looks after people's well-being. They are the ones who ask how you are? They spread the cheer & remind you a person of value within the business. They champion your well-being essentially.

However these people can also play a vital role in other areas of business. Within Tribal, we have champions for the different tools we use. Someone who is passionate about that tool & wants to help others to use it. They become the champion of it; solving problems & in general sharing their enthusiasm to the others in the team. The become the beating heart of that initiative, which helps keep it alive for other members of the company. 

Ownership in these types of roles is important to ensure it is engaged with in the long term & a champion fits this position perfectly. Who are your champions?