I love this post from Inc. According to a nationwide survey, 65 percent of workers said that remote work would give their productivity a boost. Another 86 percent said that working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity.

When productivity is so high, it makes me wonder why more companies aren't enabling the remote working ethos more.  

I get the funky offices with nice cafes and table top football.  I love the vibe, noise and buzz that comes with it.  But often I'm visiting.  When it comes to getting your head down and concentrating, I find it a distraction.  I need to be in the zone.

At Tribal, we believe in remote working.  We're all over the place.  We have people all over the UK, Europe and one nomad who travels around the world and you know what?  It works.

We still have a lot to learn and we look up to companies like Trello, Zapier and Buffer - they share all of their knowledge which helps small companies like us learn.  

It just leaves me thinking - should remote working be a perk or a necessity if you want an effective and flexible workforce?