I signed up to a mailing list to download free meditations to help unwind after a day staring at a computer screen. 

The meditations were great. 

However, I was soon sent emails about how to practice Ancient Shamanic practices.

Totally irrelevant. 

Instant disconnect. 

In content marketing lingo; I was pushed Consideration style content before I was ready.

The content was super high quality. But why would I try something without knowing the benefits and how it will solve my problems (Awareness stage content)? 

I didn’t fully understand the concept so I didn’t take any further action making me a disengaged email subscriber (rarely opening or clicking links in their emails). 

If you are struggling with low open rates (less than 20%) and click through rates (less than 3%) this is a telltale sign that your content is not fully aligned with where your email subscriber is in their buyer journey. 

To increase your email engagement, try:

  1. Adding the people who have engaged with your emails in the last two months to their own segment & keep sending similar content.

  2. Add your disengaged email subscribers to a separate segment and re-engage them with Awareness stage content to move them along the journey to the Consideration stage so they will understand and engage with your existing content. 

By auditing your content you will see what fits into the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stage of the journey and identify gaps in the content. You will then have a super targeted content plan which will support you to engage with your contacts and increase conversions.