This post by Social Media Today really resonated with me whilst I was on a recent work trip involving lengthy periods of time spent on a train, plane, in a hotel and airports. 

I thought that I would be really productive whilst sat in a quiet hotel room with no distractions. However, the opposite proved true as I stared at my screen and wondered where my creativity and initiative had gone. Was this it? How could I be an effective content marketer if I couldn't even produce any content?

My next attempt was on the train; surrounded by noise, cramped conditions and essentially not particularly enjoyable conditions. However, suddenly I was able to produce tweets, posts and start ticking actions items off my to-do list. 

This infographic backs up my own experience by stating that 84% of people who use co-working spaces feel more engaged and motivated. 

There are also distinct business advantages to empowering employees by giving them workplace mobility such as:

1. Increased revenue potential 

2. Reduced talent churn

3. Improved flexibility

4. Increased collaboration

5. Enhanced communication

6. Greater accountability

With an estimated 1.7 million people working in around 19,000 co-working spaces globally by the end of 2018, it's clear that this trend is here to stay. The advantages to both employees and businesses are significant, impacting positively on both employee engagement and consequently, revenue.

I fully appreciate the fact that my employer Tribal Impact gives me total freedom to work wherever I choose. I just need to remember to take myself and my laptop to a coffee shop next time I'm staring at a blank wall lacking inspiration!