I really enjoyed reading this article because the author drew me in straight away with her story.

I'm guessing that when you hear the words 'social selling' it doesn't necessarily make you feel warm and fuzzy and you probably don't associate it with telling a story.   Indeed that 'selling' word is more likely to bring thoughts of cold calls and the traditional, hard sell.  

However, whilst social selling is about sharing your expertise, it fundamentally relies on establishing connections and building authentic relationships and there's no better way to do this when you can tell a story.

I love how Caity Beg talks about how her father introduced her to the concept (many years ago before we all cottoned on to the power of social selling) and how it personally, and positively, affected her life.  She advocates that being authentic and showing your personality is an advantage in today's digital world and I couldn't agree more.

Sharing your values and your personality is also good for business and our own founder, Sarah Goodall, believes strongly that by doing so you attract the right customers...   business becomes fun and rewarding and surely that's what we all want.