I love a doodle.  My forte is drawing around my kids hands and sketching a different expression on each finger.  That aside, a picture paints a thousand words which is why I enjoyed this article about dropping presentations during meetings in favour of sketches.

I remember one customer meeting where we all met, went through the introductions and I could see on the faces that they were expecting me to pull out my PowerPoint....but I didn't!

Nope, I pulled out a pen and paper!  

Old fashioned I guess but the dynamics of the room changed completely.  

Everyone huddled around my notepad (which incidentally isn't lined.  I don't like being kept within lines - I'm a free spirit :-) ) and we sketched away.  

They asked questions.  I updated the sketch.  They started pointing and discussing.  

After that, I took a picture of the utterly confusing mess and email it to them.  For a stranger, it means nothing. But for everyone in that room, they got it.  They followed the story with me and understood it.  

Sketches in business are great for conversation and engagement. You don't have to be a great artist.  You just need to be able to visualise.  

I highly recommend The Sketchnote Handbook for any aspiring sketchers out there - it's brilliant :-)