We often talk about sales and marketing aligning to each other but the reality is quite different.  We try to align to each other rather than aligning to a common factor - the buyer journey!

New research from LinkedIn shows the evidence that supports alignment. 

"When asked to rate marketing’s importance in closing deals, with 1 being a very small role and 10 being a very big role, 57% of the top sales professionals rate marketing’s importance at an 8 or above."

When marketing and sales work together to provide relevant content aligned to the buyer journey, everyone wins.  

The issue often arises when marketing creates irrelevant content.  Listening to sales about topical issues can help fix that.

It might also be that marketing creates great content but can't get it into the hands of sales easily.  If they can, they often don't track the impact of that.  Employee advocacy tools can help fix that.

Alignment is key to sales and marketing working closely together.  However, align to the buyer journey - not each other.