LinkedIn are pushing their Sales Navigator Deals option which allows a company to feed in all their pipeline information into Navigator for a one-stop view of the world.  

In theory it sounds great.  You get a holistic view of your top Social Sellers and your top Sales Performers in one place and identify the correlation between the two.  It's a great idea.

But, maybe I'm missing something here but will companies seriously want to feed their pipeline and customer data into LinkedIn?  

Isn't there a GDPR issue here?

Am I totally misunderstanding the whole concept?

It sounds a bit odd to me.  It feels a bit like LinkedIn desperately needs this data to prove the business case to organisations.  I appreciate the value of Sales Navigator but until LinkedIn can put real numbers next to their license cost (instead of just relying on SSI score) they will likely struggle to prove the business case.  

Will customers want to put all their eggs in one basket?