This research from Sirius Decisions shows the correlation between high-growth companies and buyer centric content.  

Organisations that stop and think about the content that appeals to target personas and buyer journey stages are more likely to win the trust, confidence and ultimately the business of their future customers.

The result?  Sirius Decisions have seen clients improve website traffic up to 73 percent and increase engagement rates as much as 200 percent over target by embracing an audience-centric approach.

However, this isn't a quick fix.  Shifting your content strategy to be less focused around product and more focused around buyer intent is the key to winning hearts, minds and (ultimately) revenue.

The most effective and cost efficient way to drive this change is by enabling your organisation to become your biggest content contributor.  

Your employees are arguably more in touch with buyer needs than anyone else in the organisation.  With enablement and support, you can guide your employees to create authentic content that speaks to the buyer journey.