I'm fascinated about AI and the power it brings to marketing with predictive behaviours and smart content.  

This article caught my eye.  I'm curious to see how AI can further help marketers and then I met Lucy - the IBM Watson AI assistant.  A powerful marketing assistant that crunches data and then can field pretty much any question you throw at it.

A Salesforce study found that 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

I love the idea of this.  Using insights and data we can quickly see what content our customers vs prospects like to consume. 

Align it to buyer intent and lead scoring, you can then analyse what kind of content resonates at different stages of the buyer journey.  

This is a really smart way to invest in relevant content rather than just any content.  The world doesn't need any more content for content sake.  It needs relevant content that serves to educate, inform and even entertain.

It's worth mentioning though that AI probably won't take over content writing.  That, I feel, is best left to the authentic experts in your company :-)