Today I went out for lunch and was sat in a coffee shop next to 3 people.  It was impossible not to hear their conversation (they were loud) and it became quite apparent that 2 of the people were interviewing the third person for a recruitment role.  Not the best place for an interview but I won't go there!

It got me thinking.  Best-fit talent is key to organisational growth.  Sometime ago, Sarah Duggan told me that it isn't about building a talent pool but a talent pipeline. 

People who fit your value system and culture will stay longer, on-board quicker and generally feel engaged from day 1.  

We also know that people differentiate our organisations.   Expertise, experience and customer engagement is what gives us a competitive edge in an age where we're constantly being disrupted by technology. 

But you can't 'teach' people to love your company.  You can't train them, enable them or even ask them.  

If you want to win the hearts and minds of your employees you have to involve them and often that's before they're even an employee.

According to this article, 'passive candidates' (or the ones not activity looking for their next role) are often the ones that would be attracted to brands via the voice of their existing employees.

So, the next time you consider setting up an advert for a new role or on-boarding a recruitment agency to find candidates, consider your existing employees. 

Showcase the employer brand through the eyes (and content) that your employees create and attract best-fit talent to your business.