I bought a book not long ago called the 4 hour work day.  I managed to get to chapter 2 and didn't have time to read the rest.  Slightly ironic I thought given the reason I bought it was to give me more time to enjoy reading again.

Then I came across this article in HBR about the case for the 6 hour work day.  It's fascinating and addresses why we've become obsessed around the fact that long work days = more acheived.  

The 4o hour work week was born out of the industrial revolution, to help put a limit on how much time people were working (including kids young as 6 years old).

Times have changed.  The way we live, work and play has transitioned with digital technologies.  It enables us to work at our most creative times whether in the office or remotely.

I love reading about how companies can embrace more freedom in the workplace to allow employees to work at their best.  To trust that they'll measure their effort and contribution to the organisation and make the right decisions about their work.  

However, organisations need to support their employees with this change.  It doesn't come easily to some.  Remote working can be a lonely place.  The tips below are a great reminder of how to be more focused, fulfilled and free in the workplace.