What got us here isn't going to get us there.  

My mentor often reminds me of this as I grow our business.  We have to be forever listening, evolving and changing in order to adapt to customer needs. 

However, it isn't just an external mind-set that needs to change.  We need to evolve just as much internally as we do externally.

This article from McKinsey digs deep into the shift that most leaders are experiencing at the moment.  If organisations need to find their 'inner agility' it needs to start with those that are responsible for leading the transformation.

Research shows that most adults spend most time "in the reactive" state as a result, traditional organisations are designed to run in reactive state. 

Agile organisations need agile leaders and McKinsey suggests three mind-set shifts that are needed:

  • Fostering innovation with a mind-set of discovery.  This means embracing risk, diversity of though, creative experimentation
  • From authority to partnership.  Reducing silos and hierarchies and encouraging collaboration and trust.  
  • From scarcity to abundance.  Moving from a mind-set of scarcity and exploiting markets because they're short term opportunities.  Embracing a mind-set of staying close to the customer and knowing that if you do, your business will evolve with them.  

For me, this article pretty much sums up the culture we're building at Tribal.  We embrace remote working - it keeps us flexible which both we and our customers want.  

I don't have an org chart with me at the top and everyone cascading down.  Not my style.  Instead I sit at the core of our tribal network.  

It's funny because when I sent this over to our HR team, our business partner said "I bet you never had a top table at your wedding, did you?"  She was right :-)

Finally, when I started Tribal I remember thinking that the opportunity window is limited for social business transformation and that we need to move fast.  

But I've mellowed because all this focus on 'chasing the market' really isn't me.  I've never been money driven. Hand on heart, I  would make a terrible sales person.  

I love experimenting, listening, partnering and co-innovating with our customers.  

I believe that if we continue to do this, we can focus more on enjoying the adventure rather than focusing on an end goal.  After all, it's a mind-set change.