Love this blog from Dynamic Signal digging deep into the data they've analysed across their platform.  It offers up some great insights and trends if you're looking to optimise your employee advocacy tool and increase performance.  

Here's my summary:

Expect Seasonality

Not surprisingly the summer months are quieter.  Expect a drop in activity around July and August but also expect a peak in sharing around January, September and October.  Take a look at your data - are you experiencing similar trends.  If not, why might that be?  Read on...

It's Not Always About Sharing 9-5

Click per share is a metric that you should watch.  It helps you understand the content that your employee networks are interested in and when!   This analysis showed that employees share less in off-peak hours, the click-per-share is higher.  Social isn't just a business hours activity.  It's all hours!

Desktop vs Mobile 

A couple of years ago the data we analysed typically showed that mobile users shared more frequently and better quality content.  However, these insights indicate shift - employees who use both desktop and mobile tend to share more.  Be careful though - quantity doesn't always equate to quality.

Frequency Of Fresh Content

This is what stood out most for me.  We've always advocated that content is the lifeblood of your advocacy program but customers are unsure as to how much, type and frequency of content feeding into platforms.  These insights suggest contributing between 3-5 pieces of new, quality content per day.  Also, encourage employees to contribute as much as your category managers.  

Keep Reminding Your Users

It feels wrong to keep 'pushing' content out to your users but analysis shows that when you remind your members of the articles 2-4 times a day (with a push email) you increase platform visits by more than 50%.  Platform activity is a key metric you should look out for in terms of adoption of advocacy.  I would personally test this recommendation.  Too much 'pushing' may switch members off. 

Knowledge Workers vs Deskless Workers

It's important to meet your employees where they are.  Insights from this blog show deskless workers are primarily mobile adopters whilst knowledge workers use desktops more to access the platforms.  With this in mind, consider tailoring your communications plan to suit - posters in the office vs mobile push notifications.  Also consider your content - flickable images & videos (mobile) vs articles and research studies (desktop)

Our tribe specialises in working with companies to 're-vamp' and 're-launch' their advocacy programs.  We love getting stuck into the data, providing these insights along with tailored recommendations.  Check out our blog for more insights: