I love this article about HubSpot and their recently launched Customer Code.  In many ways it's common sense but when you read the 10 tenets (as they call them) you begin to realise that their approach steps beyond 'company values' and starts to describe 'behaviours expected' not just from their employees but what their customers expect too.

  • Earn my attention, don’t steal it.
  • Treat me like a person, not a persona.
  • Solve for my success, not your systems.
  • Use my data, but don’t abuse it.
  • Ask for feedback, and act on it.
  • Own your screw-ups.
  • Help me help you, by helping myself.
  • I don’t mind paying, but I do mind being played.
  • Don’t block the exit.
  • Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

What I love most about these is the plain talking - from owning screw-ups to doing the right thing (even when it's hard).  

That can include walking away from customers that really aren't the right fit for you business - commercially it doesn't make sense but if it means you're not going to deliver to the best you know you can, perhaps it's the right decision!

HubSpot measure themselves against each of these each year and then publish the results - again, I love the transparency they give their customers.  They listen.  They learn.  They adapt.

What's more they've changed behaviours within the company - HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan sits on support calls each week.  Customers are invited to board meetings each month.  This is the kind of transparency that breeds partnership, innovation, delight.

Great idea HubSpot and you've given me food for thought!