I love this article from Innovation Leader and the idea of presenting the "Epic Fail Award" each year to those employees who proudly tried but didn't succeed.

My daughters are learning a lot about growth mindset at school.  One day I was a home and I did something wrong.  I can't remember what it was but I said "well, that's it then.  I failed!" to which my daughter replied "if you're not failing mummy, you're not learning".  Wise advice from a 6 year old!

It took a couple of days but it made me realise that unless you embrace failure in your organisation you're not innovating, trying, learning, driving, changing...everything!

Then I read the article below - particularly this phrase:

When people fear failure, they act safe.

That is SO true!  Fearing failure creates hesitation, caution, permission seekers and slow growth.

I think I've decided it's time to introduce an Epic Fail Award at Tribal of which I'm going to try and win (not that I'm competitive :-))