There are some rules when it comes to engaging and sharing content on social media - especially on professional B2B social platforms like LinkedIn.  

As this article from Social Media Today points out (amongst other Social Selling errors) most Social Sellers adopt "more is better" when it comes to sharing.  

Randomly sharing content to tick a box and maximise your potential reach is all well and good, but are you adding value to your network or are you annoying them with too much noise?

When it comes to B2B, relationships are key

Authenticity is critical.  

Understanding your audience as well as tuning into their priorities and interests will be the heart of your content strategy.  It sounds a bit overboard but it's essential if you are to build deeper relationships with your network.  

I love the quote below from the article about educating your prospects with content they care about.  That's the difference between them calling you and them calling your competitor.

People will remember those that were first to add value to their buyer journey.  Understanding the buyer journey and aligning your content strategy to it will provide a positive first experience.  

Take the time to listen, learn and build out a content publishing strategy that suits your way of working.  Perhaps you follow the 4-1-1 rule e.g. 4 pieces of non-branded content to 1 piece of branded thought leadership to 1 piece of branded promotional. 

Whether curating or creating your own content, be mindful of the mix you're sharing.  Is it just articles you're posting or are you mixing it up with video and images.  

Be consistent with your posting.  Don't post twice a day on LinkedIn unless you can keep it up!  Focus on quality over quantity - post less frequently but spend more time on personalising it with quality insights and opinion.

So there are just a few quick tips we cover in our training around content strategy.  You can learn a few more content tips from one of SAPs top Social Sellers here.