Account based marketing (ABM) isn't new.  It's been around B2B organisations for a while but this year it has suddenly experienced a surge in hype and activity.

When you actually dig deep into what ABM is all about it involves understanding your customer, personalising their experience with your brand and building relationships.

It's a highly targeted approach where you understand your ideal customer profile, search out like-for-like companies that match that profile and then align your efforts around those organisations.

However, up until now this has fallen into the responsibility of the marketing organisation costing anywhere between £50K - £100K per account!  I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this latest research from B2B Marketing.   

In my view (much like the article snippet below) Account-Based Business Growth is where it's at in 2020.  

Aligning efforts between marketing (for insights and intelligence on digital platforms) with Sales (who understand relationships and issues customers want solving) is where business growth will see the best impact.

When Sales and Marketing combine their efforts, relevant content is created, paid social investments are targeted more efficiently, InMail response rates increase as a result - it all ties together.

So, is 2020 the year to shift from ABM to ABBG - Account Based Business Growth?