If you're on social media there's no doubt that you need to understand how to use hashtags. 

Hashtags are a way to categorise your content so that people can find it because people follow hashtags.  

People may not follow you but they follow topics/hashtags they're interested in so it's a great way to get your content in front of your future connections!

However, people who don't understand how to use hashtags often use them incorrectly.  

The article below explains the difference of using hashtags on LinkedIn vs Twitter vs Instagram.  

One of the most common mistakes I see is people hashtag stuffing their posts to get maximum exposure. 

However there's a risk.  If you're using irrelevant hashtags (e.g. the sames ones over and over even if it doesn't relate to the content you're posting) then you're likely to annoy your audience - worst case they'll block you.

So may sure you spend just as much time seeking out relevant hashtags as you do customising your content/post - less is more.  

Quick tip:  To find relevant hashtags use Hashtagify.me - a nifty little free tool to show you how popular hashtags are and other hashtags that relate to it.  If you're to select 1- 3 per post, make sure you're using relevant ones.