The four day work week is a constant debate in today's modern working environment.  It sounds attractive but is it achievable?

At Tribal we're a remote company - we have people working with us in the USA, Asia and Europe - that's because we don't care where you work or when you work as long as it's aligned to the needs of your customer and your family.

This level of flexibility is hard to measure whether it's a 5 day work week or 3 day work week.  It's challenged us to think differently about how we measure our contribution and value to the business.

Is time the right way?  I don't think so.

As I grew the business my mentor said to me "Sarah, your business is quite innovative and creative.  Why don't you break the mould when it comes to working practices?  What's the point in having people drive a distance to sit in an office behind a computer all day only to go back home?"

Productivity isn't measured in terms of hours spent in front of the laptop screen.  Like the article suggests, I believe it's measured on outcomes.  

We're still trying to work this out at Tribal.  We don't have all the answers but we have built a "digital first" culture where we interact, chat, engage and have office banter on our internal channels.  

Be good to hear from others leading from the same cultural model to see how they're measuring outcomes.