Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become rather a popular term over the last 12 months.  In the B2B landscape it's fast becoming the campaign of choice to marketers around the world - it's focused, cost effective and measurable.  

Whilst it's called Account Based Marketing, is it really the responsibility of marketing alone to drive these kind of campaigns?  I think not.

This article from Forbes sums it up perfectly.  Customer insights are the unifying resource that every team can use when addressing target accounts.

Marketing can bring insights from website behaviour e.g. IP Address related traffic, pages visited, time of page, assets downloaded etc.

But sales will be relationship insights.  Who knows who, who's a likely detractor of your brand in the account, who's a likely promoter of your brand.  

Other insights can be gathered from annual reports, publicly available news, videos, LinkedIn, social media, influencer marketing software etc.

When you bring these insights together you're more informed when addressing a target account.

I take it one step further.  When you embrace the fact that Account Based Marketing is really about building relationships, you'll soon realise that marketers cannot do this alone.

They probably won't have the technical skills nor the resources to listen to every conversation, engage with every influencer and connect with target decision makers.

The power of the employee collective is a key element of Account Based Marketing that I often think is missing in most cases.