It's the role of marketing to create a connection with our target audience.  Put our brand in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in what we sell.

But according to this article in Forbes, one of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers make is they forget the 'personal' side of marketing.

We assume that people leave their personalities at the door when then step into their office.  We deliver messaging that speaks the business needs and not to the buyers individual needs.  

Pretty much every strategy suggested by the Forbes Agency Council in this blog hints at the lack of personal outreach.

  • Personalisation
  • Human touch
  • Customer problems
  • Personas
  • Case studies
  • Interactions
  • Emotional connections...the list goes on.

B2B marketers need to connect on an emotional level - not just a rational level.

The way you achieve this at scale?  Humanise your brand.  Put the people who work in your organisation in front of your logo and connect to your audiences on a more authentic and relatable level.

That's what we do at Tribal Impact :-)