Love this article from Forbes that talks about the role of creating content when it comes to personal branding and influence on social media.

Building a presence on social media isn't instant.  It takes time.  There's a maturity journey that employees are likely follow.

For a start, it's important to recognise that not every employee will want to create content on social media...and that's okay!

If there's one rule that applies to all aspects of Social Business, it's that quality trumps quantity.  

This rule applies for:

  • Sharing content
  • Creating content
  • Activating employees on social media
  • Engaging with content
  • Connections on LinkedIn
  • Everything!

Social media is a noisy place.  

When your average tweet lasts just 18 minutes, you need to find a way to get your content noticed.

It also becomes difficult to find relevant content when some people publish in volume, hashtag stuff their posts and tag everyone whether relevant or not.

If you're to build a trusted personal brand in 2020, follow the tips in this article and consider my advice.  

Focus on quality over quantity.