This hugely insightful post from HubSpot walks the reader through the buying journey - past, present and future.

I love the analogies used around content and how the buyer will move in different directions.   More like a "jungle gym" than a funnel.  

Today's modern buyer will take a less linear path to decision making - they'll jump around all over the place consuming content in different ways.  

The most important thing to realise is that today's modern buyer will blaze their own trail needing the right content, in the right place and at the right time.  They aren't willing to go through a linear funnel.

As marketers it's our responsibility to serve up that content, across channels and formats making the journey as friction-less and seamless as possible.

This post goes into far more detail about how you build out a content strategy for this fluid buyer journey.  Here's how we do it at Tribal:

  • Know our target audience - Recognise and understand our Ideal Customer Profile in great depth
  • Work on personas - Map out the people profiles of who we talk to or want to talk to
  • Build out the buyer journey - Map the Awareness, Consideration and Decision path for each - what are they asking at each stage?  What are they expecting?
  • Build out our content pillars - What's the core message we want to communicate?  What are the surrounding questions?  
  • Build out our content strategy - How will we deliver this?  In what format?  When will it be scheduled?
  • Build out our content plan - How will we promote this content?  Who will drive this content? How will we re-purpose?  Where will we promote?  Will we add paid social behind it?