Anyone who's been in sales or marketing roles for sometime will be familiar with the traditional funnel approach.  It assumes a linear approach to converting a customer which starts with marketing, gets passed over to sales and results in a customer - it's not quite that easy!  

At Tribal, we're fully onboard with HubSpot's approach which argues that the funnel has now become a flywheel. 

When you put the customer at the center of the process (rather than at the end of it) your teams are aligning not to each other but to the customer.  

But a flywheel doesn't move on its own.  It needs content.  That helps the flywheel turn. However, friction slows the flywheel down.

Friction includes the lack of transparency around your pricing, the complexity of doing business with you, the inability to find out how to contact you when ready to talk (either via phone, chat or email).  It's all the things that will slow your buyer down.  

Social Selling is about helping the buyers journey to be as smooth and insightful as possible.  The more value you offer, the more trusted the relationship becomes. 

Remove the friction and the process becomes seamless.  Check out my latest blog about the topic:  Goodbye Funnels.  Hello Flywheels.