There are many untruths about employee advocacy and this post from PostBeyond pretty much unpicks all them (bravo guys!).

The one that sticks out for me is #2 - "Employee advocacy doesn't work in regulated industries" such as financial, insurance, energy, telecommunications.  

I understand there's a natural fear around employees sharing (often unintentionally) financial promotions or product inaccuracies on social media.  

Surely the answer is just to lock it down and keep it under PR control?

The problem is employees are already active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram so you might as well embrace the opportunity that comes with social activation of employees whilst mitigating the likely risks.

Leaving it to chance isn't the best option.

In actual fact, regulated industries will quite possibly benefit most from advocacy platforms.  It allows employees to know there is a 'safe zone' where they can source pre-approved content.  

Most tools will offer features that will filter and highlight content against pre-determined keywords that you list saving your admins time when curating content.

Finally identifying as an employee from the company in your bio is a common way regulated industries manage their program - a simple "Own views" or "Manager @COMPANY" is enough.

A financial institution we work with ensures all approved ambassadors have their same banner image on LinkedIn so they're easily identifiable as employees of the company.

So there are lots of options.  If you want to learn about some more, join us for our webinar on Thursday 29th January 3pm GMT.

We'll be chatting to Keith Lewis from Zurich Insurance who is on this journey with him employees and will share how internal and external communications can benefit from Employee Advocacy.