Some sound advice within this article which explains why less in more when it comes to content quality.

Pumping out sub-standard content creates a noisy experience for your buyer.  

If your content strategy isn't thought through, you will likely miss an opportunity to move your buyer from one stage of the decision making process to the other.

Why do we care so much about content when we're focused on Social Business Activation?

Well, if you want your employees to be involved in social media conversations, they will need quality content to be able to do that.

If you, as a brand, aren't creating relevant content that speaks to the issues of your buyer and interests of your employee community, you could be wasting your efforts.

Building a content strategy takes time

We should know - we've been at this for 2 years so it isn't a quick thing to put in place.

Knowing your audience is a key first step.  What's the motivation?  What triggers engagement?  How will they feel at that first point?  Does your content tone reflect that?

What content are you going to create?  Consider the Hero, Hub and Hygiene content so you can convert visitors to leads, leads to conversations and conversations to opportunities.  

Who will write that content?  This is where influencer activation is key - looking for your employee experts and fast-tracking their presence to become the expert voice of your brand.

How will you drive eyeballs to that content?  Consider how you will drive conversion on that content.  What paid strategy will you deploy?  What free content will you provide? What amplification methods will you use?

 How will you measure your content impact?  What metrics will you report on?  How will you adjust your strategy?  Will you AB test paid campaigns?  How will you re-purpose successful content?

As you can see, there's a lot of things to think about when it comes to building a solid content strategy.  

Try to avoid jumping into the trap of quantity over quality - if you continue to serve your audience with value and insights, you'll sure be on the right path.  

Just do it in a thought-out structure so you're continually plugging your content gaps.  

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