I quite enjoyed reading this post by Steve Olenski about how marketing has just got a little too complicated.

I've just come off the phone to a marketer who talked about all the tools they have - one for propensity to buy, one for audience profiling, one for influencer analysis, one for pipeline measurement, one for web analysis and another for content topic analysis.

Wow, that's a lot of tools and then I read the quote below:

Although martech can increase efficiency, B2B marketers often underestimate the implementation and training these tools require.

Wow - that is true.  We often think the tool is the answer but unless you know how to use the tool, it's of no use at all.

We find this with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  Licenses are often bought and allocated.  Sometimes LinkedIn may on-board teams with a webinar training.  

However, habits aren't formed with just one webinar.  We often see people using the search capability of Sales Navigator but then reverting to traditional techniques to engage rather than digitally nurturing.   Habits are formed when they are repeated for on average 66 days (according to science).

B2B marketers arguably have too many tools and unless they focus on training and habit forming, those tools will go unused and the investment wasted.

Is it time to simplify B2B marketing?