Love this post by Michael Brenner which talks about the growing importance of employee generated content.

First stage advocacy is asking your employees to participate in sharing content (and it doesn't have to just be brand content!).  

But true advocacy is when you engage your employees to contribute content - either by finding their own or creating their own.

Content can come in many formats and if your advocacy tool is open to employee contributed content then it becomes a great option.

From our observations of working on many advocacy programs, we see employee contributed content outperform other sources of content on engagements.

Employees trust their peers.  They are interested in what they're reading and generally employees are most savvy to what's relevant and interesting to read.  

Training your employees to create content is the most important aspect of this.  Understanding the type of content employees can contribute is the first step.

Content formats can include:

  • Video
  • Images from events/conferences
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts

Helping employees to understand how to create videos with subtitles, what kind of images to take at events, what not to do, how to write blogs, how to write titles, using keywords, recording podcasts - these are all techniques that your employee community will need if they're to become your employee content generators.  

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