Employee Advocacy is a great way to amplify brand and content on social media via employee networks however, not every company is ready for advocacy.

Buying a tool is just one step in the advocacy journey but it isn't the first step!

There are many fundamental questions that need to be answered first, for example?

Are our employees engaged in their work?

Are they happy at work?

Are we transparent with our employees?

Do our employees feel they can speak out?

Do our employees feel connected to our business?

Do we (as a company) live our values?

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 56% of consumers can spot “trustwashing,” or companies' less-than-truthful behavior in public.

The transparent nature of social media means that employees can speak the truth about your culture. 

They've been doing it for years on Glassdoor.com.  Not they can do it anonymously on Blind.

If your employees don't feel happy, engaged or trusted within the workplace then don't expect your employee advocacy program to fix it.

Sure, Employee Advocacy programs can help facilitate internal communication but if there are fundamental issues with your product, workplace culture or other challenges, you need to address those first before spending money on any form of employee marketing.