Next month, my colleagues from Tribal Impact and I are off to Italy and Germany to deliver our Train the Trainer program.

Several individuals from a couple of our top clients have admirably (!) put their names forward to master the subject of teaching social selling. 

They did that to become internal trainers/coaches - that is the go-to-experts for their peers.

Knowing what a fascinating learning journey is ahead of them, I couldn't be more excited for this group!

Every time I decided to learn with the intention to educate others (be it in a form of a conference presentation, training, blog or a mini video demo), I have ended up amassing a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject that I was about to teach.

One of the driving forces behind this knowledge-gathering effort was making sure that I would bring as much value as possible to those that were just about to spend their precious time digesting my content.

But there was also another, equally strong driver behind it.

I wanted to grow! 

I wanted to develop my communication skills and expertise and I knew that every time I would say 'yes' to educating others on a new subject, I would feel a big kick of adrenaline. 

This mostly uncomfortable emotion was highly related to the fact that I was simply worried about potentially failing to share valuable knowledge or not sharing it effectively.

And in order to reduce discomfort, I was pushing myself to study the subject further, inputting a large amount of energy and effort to learning. 

I once joked that this is some sort of masochism - voluntarily going through all this pain of feeling uncomfortable. :)

But almost every time I went through this process, both myself and those that I taught, gained something valuable from it.

I guess that some people jump on a Bungie to get that adrenaline rush. 

I seem to sign up for the new knowledge-sharing opportunities ;)

Being an educator, having your share in helping individuals drive change in their professional lives through gaining new information is, above all, very satisfying.

Your effort pays off by seeing what opportunities are created for others thanks to your dedication, openness and communication skills.

And what's great is that nowadays anyone can become an educator because this is what the internet allows us to do! 

If you have something valuable to share, you now have plenty of tools to be able to do it - articles, posts, tweets, comments, videos, infographics being just a few of them.

As for our Train the Trainer program, I can't wait to, once again, have my part in developing and introducing new trainers to the world.

And to be there when their eyes open to a plethora of opportunities that will help others find theirs.

The impact this has on all the people involved and their businesses is hard to replace with anything else!