Social media not working for you? Or maybe you've tried social media in the past and didn't achieve the results you hoped for? 

Used correctly, social media platforms are tools that offer many professional benefits. Maybe you want to develop your brand, establish your authority as a thought leader, expand your network or attract opportunities to yourself and your business. Whatever your goal, you need to know that social media is a long-game. And if you've found that it just isn't working for you, ask yourself a few questions: 

  1. Why is being socially active important to me?
  2. Where does my social presence rank against other priorities?
  3. What is my main objective for being socially active?
  4. When will I devote time to my social activity?
  5. How will I honour this time commitment?

Consistency is essential for social media success. Look at the profiles of any thought leader or successful social seller and you'll see consistency. On/off behaviour on social media doesn't work. You have to put the time in to establish yourself and engage with others. 

Time is often a perceived barrier to being socially active, particularly for senior executives. So remembering your why and creating a plan for how is a must if you want to achieve consistency. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can establish yourself on social media, but the trick is you have to commit. 

Learn how to develop your social platforms in 10 minutes a day.