Is it time to review your social media policy? 

Activating your employees to use social media presents a great opportunity, however, if you don't have the basics in place, employees may get confused as to what they can and can't say.  

According to research, only 45% of employees have a clear understanding of what they should and shouldn't say on social media when it comes to company related topics.  

When the lines are blurred and employees aren't sure about the guidelines, companies can suddenly be exposed to the most unexpected brand crisis (as per the example in the article below).

Being clear and concise about expectations is critical.  You don't need to craft a 20 page document - you just need to make it simple.  

The article below summarises the key points you need to include:

- Be clear about the purpose of the policy

- Be clear about who the profile belongs to e.g. the employee

- Be specific about what content is okay and not okay e.g. confidential client information is not okay

- Reference established policies e.g. HR & Communications

- Review and update your policy frequently

- Consider international laws

Being clear with your employees is an essential first step if you're consider further activation e.g. employee advocacy.  

Unless your employees know what good (and bad) looks like on social media they will not understand the basics.