Account based marketing (or ABM) is big business.  With 71% of the companies seeing a greater ROI within their ABM efforts compared to their traditional marketing initiatives it's become quite the hot topic in B2B.  In fact, 73% of marketers plan to increase ABM budgets throughout 2020.

But is ABM just about marketing?  

As the B2B buyer journey has become digital first, both sales and marketing need to engage potential buyers much earlier in their decision making process. Sometimes before they realise they even have a buying need.

Winning the hearts and minds of buyers who are yet to show intent to buy is the key to good Content Marketing and considered Social Selling.  

When you apply these practices to target accounts, then for me it's less about marketing owning the process but both sales and marketing aligning to the customer.

When it comes to ABM, both sales and marketing can have an impact:

Sales can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify target audiences and better understand their content preferences

Marketing can research keywords, hashtags and content topic/themes that will resonate with the target account

Sales can map out the buying circle influencing the decision makers within an account

Marketing can create hero content (thought leadership, workbooks, events) that speak to the buyers needs

Sales can inform marketing of engagements via LinkedIn, connections and who's viewed profile

Marketing can utilise insights from the website to inform the sales lead on digital behaviour on brand owned platforms

Aligning activities, thought leadership, paid social, insights, data and intelligence around a specific account becomes easier when both sales and marketing utilise ABM - or Account Based MODELLING!