Our digital behaviours in our home space impacts our digital behaviours in the workplace.

At home, we often start our purchase process with a Google search.   These traits have now moved into the workplace where up to 70% (or more) of the purchase decision is complete without engaging a sales person.

How we consume content has changed.  We look for content (often via our phones) to educate ourselves and learn from others.  We're more informed.  

Our job as marketers has been to create that content in a format that is searchable, digestable and educational.  To use content as a way to move buyers through their journey.

Then Netflix came along and turned the whole content landscape on its head.  

We know our audience is on the move, their attention span is decreasing and they're blind to our paid adverts.

Now Netflix has made binge-worthy content mainstream and B2B marketers to take note.  Netflix content is the kind of content that once you start consuming, you just want more!  

It's about creating content that is so good that your audience will want to ingest it in rapid succession.

B2B Marketers now have the job of not only creating relevant content (to cut through the digital noise) but lots of it and in multiple formats.

More than that, smart marketers seamlessly guide their readers through their content, connecting one piece to the other.

By doing so they remove the friction from the buyers journey, helping them along to consume the next piece of valuable content you created.

For example (in the post below), to make a product data sheet binge-worthy, include a link to a video of a customer using the product.  

I love the binge-worthy content model - my only concern is that organisations may skip the focus on quality to fast-track their way to quantity.