Given the continued spread of COVID19 (Coronavirus), many businesses are seeing themselves in uncharted territory, grinding non-essential travel to a halt, cancelling face to face meetings and events, and encouraging all staff to work from home. 

What I find interesting is that organizations and leaders who have actively opposed remote working are now having their hand forced. I once heard a business leader say that collaboration isn't possible unless you are physically together. Well, that just isn't true. Face to face is great at times, but it isn't a requirement for collaboration. Anyone who has ever sat in a meeting room full of people spending an hour (or more) going around in circles knows this. Like it or not, COVID19 and a duty of care for employees and society means that remote working is high on the agenda.

Some businesses will be well prepared for this as we are at Tribal. Our team works across borders and timezones. Importantly, we have the technology and the flexibility to do this effectively. Where we can't meet face to face, we can meet digitally and our clients will continue to receive a high standard of service.

Personally, I'm all for remote work, it has been a positive experience for me. However, I understand that it isn't for everyone or every role.

As one Twitter user said, "A massive real-time experiment is ongoing". I'm curious to see if attitudes towards remote work change. Perhaps more organizations will embrace it. We'll have to wait and see.