I'm pretty convinced that 2020 will be the age of employee generated content.  Employees are closer to the customer, hear the issues first hand and often know the answers!

However, employees aren't trained storytellers.  For that, companies rely on PR agencies and content marketing agencies.  

But imagine a world where your employees were empowered and trained to become your authorised brand voice?

It sounds impossible because no employee has time.  Professional writers are skilled.  They know how to structure a story, entice the reader through it and pack a punch with a title.

In this blog from Michael Brenner, he talks about the value of blogs and the role employees can play.

He also highlights the "Hybrid Model" which is something we do at Tribal.

I always write my own blogs (as do the rest of our team) but in order to keep the brand voice consistent, we have our editorial queen (Fiona Challen) keeping an eye on the one, the topic and keyword optimisation.

We operate a sausage machine where raw content goes in and out comes a fully optimised story complete with images and social promotional copy.

Content creation is the next step for employees who wish to become influential but it takes time.  So here are some tips for activating your employee voice via blogging:

Are they ready? Not every employee is.  Check their profile is optimised, that they are reading/sharing/engaging online because they tells you they're keeping informed and are more likely to have opinions and perspectives worth sharing.

What is their niche?  The world doesn't need any more generic content (neither does your buyer).  Cutting through the noise is essential so be sure to work with your employee to figure out their topic/angle and be consistent.

Have you a content plan?  A one-off blog isn't going to magically transform your employee into an influencer.  Plan out the content strategy by sketching out content clusters.  What is the core topic and then create working titles for blogs around the edge.  

Do you have a copywriter?  Your expert probably won't have time to write so find a copywriter that understands the topic and can pick up on tone of voice.  It's important to protect the credibility of your expert so this stage is really important.

Employees are a secret source of content but organisations just don't know how to activate and/or motivate them to do it.  That's where we at Tribal come in :-)

If you're not sure or want to explore how, get in touch!