B2B marketing has never really had the same sexy image as B2C marketing.   

When you think of B2C you think of big advertising budgets, creative agencies, lunches in Soho, huge billboards, TV adverts, brand studies etc.  

B2B, on the other hand, has always been about exhibitions and direct marketing.  Not quite as exciting.

I have always worked in B2B Marketing.  My first job with IBM was a shocker - the reality of what 'real' marketing was about was quite different to the one I'd studied for 3 years.  

It was less about the 7Ps and more about writing copy, reviewing telemarketing scripts and preparing exhibitions stands.  But that was 20+ years ago.  

As the years have gone by I've seen a massive shift in B2B marketing.  As digital technologies have evolved, we have data and insights to play with and I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.  

We can get really smart about they way we engage buyers online.  

We are focusing more on humanising brands and putting our experts and employees in front of the logo.  

We are building communities of influence.

We are combining science and creativity.

We are becoming agile with our activities, adjusting and testing on the fly.

For me, there is no better time to be a curious B2B marketer.

We get to bring our creativity into the data to predict propensity to buy as well as the journey our buyers are taking.  

We're getting closer to the customer in a way we never have before.  

Who knows?  Maybe some B2B marketers might just step across the line into sales?!