Blogging is a great way to build the reputation and credibility of a brand.  Regularly publishing content can massively impact your traffic conversion.

In fact, a study by HubSpot showed:

B2B companies that blog at least 11 times a month garner 1.75 times the leads as those that blog six to 10 times a month. 

If you can stretch your once-weekly blog posts with outsourced content or employee-generated posts, you can get 3.75 times more leads.

However, most companies fell into the content trap, focused on producing quality rather than quantity.  

When your content strategy is primarily focused on volume rather than quality, Google starts to question the authority of your website. 

For example, bounce rates will be high and time on page will be low - indicators to show that your site isn't producing content of value to your audiences and they aren't hanging around.

But it can be difficult to product quality content whilst also keeping to a volume that is healthy.  

The answer?

Your employees.

You already have subject matter experts in your business.

People who may already be influential and known internally, that need some coaching and support to help them with their external brand.

Involving your employees in your content strategy can ease the load but also create better quality experiences for your site visitors.

Often your employees are more connected to the issues your customers are experiencing - they know the topics to write about.

Your employees are already watching the trends and news.  They know what is topical and what is driving their customers to search for solutions.

I believe 2020 will be the year of employee generated content where brands will focus less on encouraging employees to share content via employee advocacy and focus more on producing content.

Watch this space.  Our tribe will be talking about this more over the coming months.