If there's ever a time to slow down, it's now.  Listening to the radio, watching the TV - there are signs everywhere that the world is adjusting to our new situation.

We can't pretend like nothing is going on or that we stand still and wait for normal to return because in all honesty, normal isn't going to return anytime soon - if at all!

In the words of Ann Handley, "It's time to slow down to speed up".  

Pumping out content without consideration to the situation we currently find ourselves in feels disconnected.

Those marketers that have a content strategy in place will be able to pivot to this new situation. 

They will have shelved the planned content that feels inappropriate, worked up some alternative topics that are more relevant and most importantly, would have put the customer at the heart of this process.

This might mean that you find your content taking a different angle - writing more about how your technology is supporting remote working, how innovation is accelerating the ability to support organisations in times of need.

Many organisations have built a content machine that churns and publishes to tick a box and fill an editorial calendar.

But it's time to stop.  As Ann Handley goes onto explain:

"The goal is to build a more solid foundation, a more sustainable and sane momentum".