Our eyes are exposed to 5,000 adverts per day.

There are 500 million tweets shared per day.  

There are 3.5 billion Googles searches performed by day.

There's no doubt.  We live in a noisy digital world.

The phrase "less is more" couldn't be more relevant than it is in today's current climate.  

As content marketers around the world have pressed pause on their content machine, social sellers also need to take an opportunity to slow down the pace.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Jock Breitwieser has shared in this post about posting principles.

Many sales teams have been caught in the 'volume' trap when it comes to Social Selling.

Connecting with everyone.  Sharing everything.

What Jock points out in this post is the importance of relationships.  Unless you're sharing content that will help your audience or recognise your peers, you're contributing to the noise level.

Pumping out your daily post on LinkedIn or writing your daily blog will move you through your 'to do' list but will it make you any more relevant to your buyer?

Consider these principles:

Share content that creates conversations

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Be authentic and genuine in your approach

Build consistency in your approach

Engage as much as you share - social is reciprocal 

Use automation...cautiously 

Look for triggers to decide when to approach

Less is more when it comes to sharing content as a social seller.  Focus on lower volumes but higher quality.