At a time of crisis, employees want to hear from their employers but according the article below, most CEOs post on Twitter but not on LinkedIn - where their employees spend most time!

The research below showed how not enough CEOs are using their voice on LinkedIn and in fact the worst thing a CEO can do at a time of crisis is to go dark.  

The study discussed showed that CEOs who addressed the health crisis on LinkedIn saw post engagement rates rise 90%.  

So what should CEOs be posting on LinkedIn?

In such difficult times, it's hard to know what can be comforting for employees. 

The analysis showed that those posts that expressed gratitude to internal teams were most appreciated.

In addition, posts that showed how their company was managing business continuity during the crisis also got a good response.

Finally, it's important that CEOs explain how their business would contribute or give back as a result of the crisis.

So, which CEOs are doing this well?

The ones who show compassion and put their employees in front of their logo - check them out:

Alfred Kelly, CEO of VISA (Guaranteed job security at VISA in 2020); 

Arianna Huffington CEO of Thrive Global (Importance of containment); 

Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott (Impact and consequences of the crisis);  

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft (Payment of hourly workers during crisis) 

Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart (Acknowledgements to associates)