During these uncertain times, many people are wondering what the future may hold for their employer and themselves as individuals.  

No-one could have predicted the devastating impact Covid-19 would have on the economy.

Building a personal brand is often misunderstood - that it's something celebrities create because they have something to promote.  

But in fact, everyone needs to consider how they manage their own brand because in uncertain times, a strong personal image increases your changes of being discovered and maybe even hired.

Your digital reputation should be seen as an investment in yourself and not an indulgent use of your time. 

The article below outlines the key reasons for building a professional brand:

It builds credibility

It strengthens your network

It gives you better job stability

It boosts sales

In all honesty, it's better to manage your personal brand than to leave it to chance.  

Understanding what you stand for, your niche topic and showing (rather telling) that you are at the top of your game.

That's the difference between leading in your industry and following.  

Your digital reputation should represent what you believe and are passionate about but it will also keep you front-of-mind with your network even when you're not sat in front of them.

During this difficult period, take some time to invest in you.  

Revisit your LinkedIn profile with fresh eyes - does it represent you and what you stand for?

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