I'm mid-way through week six of the lock-down - kids are home, work is busier than ever and life is very much a juggling act. 

But there's a 'do what it takes' feeling here in the UK which makes me feel proud.  One where our energy turns to supporting our community through the crisis.

Over the last 6 weeks we've seen pharmaceuticals collaborating with their competitors, chocolate factories producing protective visors and car manufacturers assembling ventilators.  

There's even a local school who have turned their science lab into a 3D printing production line.

I read this Forbes article and it made me think that those businesses that are agile enough to innovate, adapt and even pivot will be the ones that recover fastest from this awful crisis.

As the center of this agility is a customer-centric attitude and how well tuned in businesses are to listening to their market.

Innovation isn't a role.  It isn't the responsibility of leaders.  It's culture that runs through the entire organisation.  

Ideas bubble up.  Employees have the freedom to experiment.  They also have the confidence to contribute.

When there is so much fear and bad news in the world, these stories give me hope and reminds me that when times are tough, businesses and communities will pull through.