B2B Marketers typically have three go-to tactics - events, direct mail and PR.  During these unprecedented times all three have become challenging.

In person events have been cancelled, direct mailing cannot reach business recipients and PR is in crisis management mode.

Inspired by a conversation with Dave Stevens who manages a The Business Marketing Club - a community based forum for B2B marketers.  

He summarises the organisations are leaning more on digital tactics and focused more on long-term relationship development rather than demand generation.

According to research, 60% of the clubs participants said that communication with existing customers had increased since the crisis.  

Marketers are switching their messages and focused on delivering the right audience experience over tactical responses.   

ABM (Account Based Marketing) is shifting too - less about prospecting new businesses but utilising insights to inform sales relationships.

I believe our current situation will accelerate the digital pace of change that is needed in most B2B companies.

Sales will now need to build relationships online.

Marketers will need to become less reliant on events.

Insights will inform our budget decisions.

As the article states, there may actually be more opportunity for marketers to reach across to other parts of the organisation during this period.

Engaging all employees to become part of the brands digital story could help the long-term recovery of the business.